July 2019

The What and Why of Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

If you’re looking into the used cars market, then you probably already know what mechanical breakdown insurance is and how important it can be to get it. However, we realise that for those who are buying their first ever used car, this may be a new idea and that’s fair enough! There are plenty of different considerations to track when making the kind of investment a new car entails, so the importance of mechanical breakdown insurance can slip through the cracks.

Not to worry, we’re the experts on used car sales, and we’re here to take you through it.

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What is Mechanical Breakdown Insurance?

When you drive a pre-loved car off of the lot, it’s best to invest in a plan for unforeseen breakdowns. This kind of plan covers you in the event that one of the mechanical components of your car suddenly gives up on you, without any fault on your part. If you’ve ever been in the situation where you’re stranded on the side of the road, with no one to call to come and help you with your car, then you know how valuable such a plan can be.

Essentially, mechanical breakdown insurance covers the cost of repairing or replacing a mechanical aspect of your car that has unexpectedly gone kaput, up to an agreed-upon amount. The policies vary between companies, and you should research your options carefully to find the one that suits you.

Roadside Assistance

Most policies for mechanical breakdown insurance come with roadside assistance service. This includes bringing you gas if you’ve run out, giving you a tow if you’re stuck, or even providing you with directions if you’ve become hopelessly lost.

Getting on the road with the assurance that you won’t be stranded and helpless if something happens is hugely valuable. The feeling of safety and security that this gives you on the road is invaluable.

Costs of Repair

Lastly, let’s talk costs. If you take on the cost of a repair all by yourself, especially when it happens out of the blue and you haven’t had time to save for it, it can feel heavy on your wallet and your mindset. Like car finance plans, it’s usually a lot easier to pay off larger costs when you can anticipate and budget for them. That’s why mechanical breakdown insurance plans are great. They – like most others – establish an amount that the company will pay out in the event that your situation needs it, meaning that a significant amount of money is chopped off of any unforeseen costs!

Automotive insurance companies also tend to have a network of certified auto-shops around the country, which they are able to direct you to when you need it. These auto-shops, service stations, and even individual mechanics have all been verified as suitable by the company, so you’re in no danger of violating your policy, and you can be sure that your wheels get the treatment they need.

Overall, mechanical breakdown insurance provides a real sense of safety and security from the second you get behind the wheel of your new ride.

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